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INFO by Design offers a range of privacy services, from strategy and breach management to training and health checks to bring your organisation up to par.

Virtual Privacy Officer

We will help you meet your obligations in a cost-effective manner. Through the VPO service you get access to our team of privacy experts, as well as proprietary templates and methodologies that we can tailor to fit your organisation.

Privacy Strategy

We work with you to develop a concise and outcomes-focussed Privacy Strategy aligned to your wider business priorities and targets. We can also work with you to implement the strategy across your organisation to ensure it is effectively embedded at all levels from culture setting through to your privacy work programme.

Training and Mentoring

We provide a range of customised training packages, including Privacy Act compliance, data breach management, Official Information Act compliance, as well as a range of leadership and soft skills training. We also offer dedicated mentoring services for privacy officers.

Privacy Impact Assessment

We are specialists in privacy by design and can provide consulting services to develop or review privacy impact assessments for your projects and change initiatives. We can also help to design and implement customised privacy impact assessment processes to fit your organisation’s project methodologies and related change processes.

Breach Management and Investigation

INFO by Design expertly develops and implements highly effective and customer-focussed breach management processes. Our approach will minimise the impact of individual breaches on your customers and organisation whilst also giving you the tools to avoid similar breaches in the future.

Policy Development and Process Design

Our team will help develop a privacy policy for your organisation, as well as any related processes and documents. The goal is to ensure customers and clients know exactly how you manage their information, and that you effectively communicate with your clientele.

Privacy Health Checks

INFO by Design can quickly and effectively assess your overall privacy maturity and capability to determine if it is operating at the level your customers would expect. We are experts in privacy maturity assessments and work with you to develop a privacy maturity improvement plan aligned to your privacy strategy.

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