Policy Development and Process Design

Inform customers about the information you collect on them, and about how you are using that data.

Privacy is all about trust and control. People must trust the organisations that hold their information to continue engaging with those brands, and they need to understand and be able to exercise their rights.

Effective communication through privacy policies and well-designed processes are key to building and maintaining trust. Yet many organisations still don’t do this well.

Do you have a privacy policy on your website that shows customers what information you collect, why you collect it, what you do with it, and their rights to access and correction? Or do you simply have a website privacy policy that only mentions cookies and browsing data?

Consent is another common issue. The process should be timely and transparent, yet many organisations rely on an outdated terms and conditions form that few customers take the time to read.

Outdated and subpar practices are common, even amongst large and trusted organisations. However, in this increasingly digital age where individuals better understand the value of their information and rights, old practices are simply not enough. Soon, these types of approaches will likely be directly risky.

We can help you develop your privacy policy and related processes and documents to ensure your customers are fully aware of what you are doing with their information. We will also offer advice and steps to ensure you effectively communicate with your customers about their privacy.

This will help you build trust and transparency into your customer communications, and prepare you for the future.

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