Privacy Health Checks

The quickest, most effective way to determine how well you are managing one of your most valuable assets: customer privacy.

All organisations have obligations under the Privacy Act to protect personal information. Your customers also have expectations about how you collect and manage information about them.

Therefore, you must understand what those obligations and expectations mean in practice, and ensure your organisation has the systems, processes, and capabilities in place to meet them. Organisations also need to understand their risk profile and the potential exposure at stake should an accident happen.

At INFO by Design, our Privacy Health Check quickly and effectively gives you a snapshot of the health of your privacy system. We have designed the health check to be low impact and target the areas that make a real difference to how well you protect your customers’ personal information.

In most instances, a Privacy Health Check can be completed with just two days on site. Our recommendations will highlight immediate risk areas as well as opportunities that will enable you to maximise the value of your customer information for you and your customers.

You will be able to see your strengths, imperfections, and improvement opportunities in a simple, easy-to-read report. Our focus is on providing practical, constructive advice that will enable you to effectively plan your privacy programme.

Contact us today to book your Privacy Health Check and learn how you can better manage one of your most valuable assets.

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