Privacy Impact Assessment

Helping you to excel in privacy, from design through to implementation.

Our Virtual Privacy Officer service is designed to assist businesses who do not have the need or resources to appoint a full-time Privacy Officer to meet their obligations under the Privacy Act, and ensure that the right protections are in place for valuable customer information.

One of the key causes of new privacy issues is the unintended consequences of change.

Whether it be a new policy, a new system or a new line of business, there are hundreds of examples of organisations not considering the privacy implications of a change and seeing it implode in alarming, often public, fashion.

Embedding privacy into your design processes and completing Privacy Impact Assessments at the right points throughout the change cycle are the best ways to avoid this happening to your organisation.

However, Privacy Impact Assessments can be difficult, as they require detailed understanding of change processes, technology, and privacy principles and legislation.

At INFO by Design we are Privacy by Design specialists. We offer a unique combination of deep technical understanding of privacy, strategic insight and experience, and design-thinking techniques. This allows us to do more than simply advise on the technical correctness of a change. Instead, we partner with you to ensure that privacy is an explicit design consideration in your organisation’s strategies, and we help you see how privacy is a powerful enabler with innumerable benefits.

We can help you complete Privacy Impact Assessments quickly and effectively, and find the right answers without delaying your project timelines.

Our Privacy Design methodologies are proven, scalable, and can significantly reduce the overheads involved in traditional Privacy Impact Assessment processes.

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